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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QualityPhotoAds?

QualityPhotoAds.com is a new advertising website that lets people list items or services you have for sale or want to offer. QualityPhotoAds.com lets you boost the effectiveness of your print ads by placing up to 200 words and 3 full color pictures to fully describe your item or service for only $3.50 a week.

How and Why did QualityPhotoAds get started?

We started QualityPhotoAds.com when we were looking for a way to save time and money advertising our own items for sale. We wanted an easy way of placing items and pictures on the web site.  After having great success selling our own items we decided to show you a new way of advertising thatís fun and affordable. When you see how much value we are giving, and how fast your items will sell, you will be excited to share this with others as well.

How does QualityPhotoAds work?

You would advertise your items or services in the usual places you currently use, but you would use less words to describe your items and include a mention in your ad that your items can be seen on  www.QualityPhotoAds.com. This way you immediately save money on your print advertising by not having to spend more money on additional words and pictures.  After you have placed your print ad you then visit QualityPhotoAds.com and post an ad on-line.  You can type in up to 200 words and include up to three full color photos at no additional cost.

What do people need to use QualityPhotoAds?

You only need a computer, Internet access with an email address to place an ad on QualityPhotoAds.com. If you donít have a computer you can use a friends or relatives computer, or a computer at your local public library and get a free email address from Hotmail or Yahoo!

How do people include photos with their ad?

You can use either a digital camera or a regular camera to take pictures of your items. You can even use a disposable camera. If you are using a camera with film you can have it developed and ask for a CD that will have digital images on it. The cost is minimal. Digital camera owners already have the ability to create digital images. Once you have the digital images you can simply upload them to QuallityPhotoAds.com to be included in your ad.

How much do ads cost?

The ads on QualityPhotoAds are for seven days and cost only $3.50 Ė thatís only 50 cents a day.  If you consider the cost of print ads you would pay more than that for only a 15 word print ad without pictures. QualityPhotoAds gives you 200 words AND 3 full color pictures for the lowest price anywhere.  When you also consider what newspapers charge to include a single black and white picture you quickly see the extreme value of QualityPhotoAds.com.

How do people pay for their photo ads?

QualityPhotoAds.com lets you use a type of payment method called PayPal. This is a free on-line payment method that has become quite popular with on-line buyers and sellers.  PayPal costs nothing to use and is very easy to set up.  We provide a link on QualityPhotoAds.com that will take you directly to PayPal to open a PayPal account if you do not already have one. Once you have a Paypal account you can easily and securely pay for your photo ad right on line.

What if people donít want to get a PayPal account but still want to place an ad on QualityPhotoAds.com?

You can simply mail us a check for $3.50 and we will activate your ad when we receive payment. We will soon be offering credit and debit card payment options over the phone and by mail.

How do you keep the cost so low?

The key to our low price is having you place an ad in the newspaper of your choice that includes www.QualityPhotoAds.com in your ads to direct people to your photo ad on QualityPhotoAds.com. In this way, everyone who uses QualityPhotoAds.com shares in the advertising costs. In turn, we donít have to spend a large amount of money to advertise QualityPhotoAds.com and we pass this savings on to you. This is the same concept that a mall uses to bring customers to the mall.  Each store advertises that they are at the mall and customers of one store will invariably visit other stores at the mall.

What if people already have a web site?

You can include a link to your own web site right on QualityPhotoAds.com at no additional cost.

What are some benefits of using QualityPhotoAds?

When you sell items you donít have to stay by the phone to give a full description of the items to every caller. They can visit QualityPhotoAds and see the item for themselves. By the time they call you, they are ready to buy. You can also save even more time giving directions to your house by including a map to your house right on QualityPhotoAds.com at no additional cost.

Are there some other benefits of using QualityPhotoAds over print ads?

If you sell your item before your week is up you can list another item at no additional cost.  Suppose you had a lot of different pieces of furniture or miscellaneous items to sell.  You could place an ad in the newspaper for furniture and miscellaneous items.  Then you could place the furniture and items you have on QualityPhotoAds.com. When they sell you can replace the items with new items. You could even preview your garage sale using QualityPhotoAds.  Also, how many times have you discovered an error in the newspaper ad and had to live with it for an entire week until the next paper came out.  With QualityPhotoAds you can change the ad or add additional information to your ad anytime you like - 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

How many hits does the web site get?

We get our share of hits and it is increasing every day, however, the number of hits is unimportant when you consider that you are directing interested buyers to your photo ad. After all you are interested in buyers not lookers.

There are not very many items on QualityPhotoAds.com. Is this a good or bad  thing?

This is a very good thing. QualityPhotoAds.com is not primarily interested in providing a place for thousands of items for people to see and buy. Our purpose is to help you sell YOUR item or service. If you advertise in the newspaper that your item is on QualityPhotoAds.com your most interested customers will find you. The number of items we have is unimportant when you consider that you are directing interested buyers to YOUR photo ad.

Can people find you on the popular search engines like Google.com or Search.com?

We can be found on these search engines but you have to ask yourself when was the last time you went to the internet to search for rentals, cars, furniture or appliances in your home town?

How do people find items on QualityPhotoAds?

QualityPhotoAds.com has a search feature built in so you can search the entire web site for any item you wish.  You can also have QualityPhotoAds email you when an item is listed that matches your needs. For instance, if you can not find a purple vase you can have QualityPhotoAds email you when another person lists a purple vase for sale.

Can business benefit from QualityPhotoAds?

We offer an enhanced form of photo ad called a storefront that is available now. Storefronts are purchased monthly and include up to 8 pictures with up to three links that can point to your web sites, other web sites, or even maps to your actual store.  These storefronts are an excellent way for homeowners or rental property managers to showcase their property. You can change descriptions and pictures at any time. 

What features do you plan to ad in the future?

We plan to ad video hosting and virtual tours capabilities on QualityPhotoAds.com.  Video hosting allows Storefront owners to submit video clips of products or services for a small fee.  Virtual tours are a new technology that allow people to view a complete 360 degree view of a room or a car or what have you.  Realtors will be especially interested in this technology.


Send mail to info@qualityphotoads.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: March 02, 2005